A little silly and a lotta hat

Outfit: Dress, Hat: Target, Shirt: Victoria's Secret, Belt: BR, Bag: Jess LC, Shoes: Lulu's, Ring: Clyde's Rebirth

It's Friday, and I think that means I'm fresh out of words today.  I can't really think of anything to talk about how than my delight in having cake for breakfast (I didn't have any last night, so it's okay).  Plus it has strawberries in it, so it's basically healthy for you, right?  On a completely unrelated note, I'm still not sure how I feel about myself in hats (I was an avowed non-hat wearer for years), but I am sure that I love this hat.  And I kinda love that last picture (even though you can't see my hat).  I shall now write a sentence composed entirely of the word hat: Hat hat, hat hat?

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