The best tree on the bike path

Outfit: Dress as skirt, belt: Target, Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Gilt, Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet, Oxfords: Wanted, Necklace: Ruche

I bike past this tree every day (well twice a day), and I love it.  My usual path to work isn't hideous, but it's not necessarily the most picturesque, so it delights me that there's this one big random tree (with a couple other trees hanging out nearby so it has friends).  And I love this yellow belt. It makes everything better, or at least more colorful, which is frequently the same thing.

Gosh, it's weird looking at this pictures-they're from a couple weeks back, and just never got posted- and remembering how chilly it was that day, compared to the weather we're getting now (ie 90s until September probably).  Also, I didn't try to pose to cover up my scabby knee.  However, I did need a lot of attempts to A) get even that much of the tree in the picture (and that's not even the entire tree) and B) get myself on my bike in the frame appropriately (my helmet is hidden in this picture, but yes, I wear one every time I'm on a bike, much to the dismay of my hair).

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