Casual cupcake

Outfit: Skirt: Self-made, Shirt: Express, Belt: From another dress, Shoes: Target, Bracelets: Gift and Hawaii Airport, Ring: Clyde's Rebirth via Etsy

Wearing this skirt makes me happy (so happy I dance around the parking garage), but I'm kinda tempted to go back in and fiddle with it so that it's not quite as voluminous at the waist band- it's just a lot of fabric to deal with.  Only kinda tempted though, so it'll probably never happen, since it's way easier to just keep wearing it, and try to keep in mind the things I want to change for future skirts (if I ever make them).  My co-worker called me out on that yesterday- she wanted to know what I had sewn lately, and why I hadn't been wearing anything interesting that I had sewn to school (whoops), and then told me to get to it.  I was going to get to it last night, but then the bf suggested we have one of these drinks, and suddenly sewing something together (that I might actually want to wear in the future) seemed like less of a good idea (and hanging out on the internet seemed like more of a good idea).

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