Fake dresses are the best dresses

Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Express, Leggings: Target, Necklace: Modcloth, Sandals: Lulu's

When I was in middle school, my mom passed down to me a golden birdcage that came to her by way of her mom.  This is not that birdcage.  I wore that necklace every darn day until (since I'm not meant to have nice things) I made the mistake of wearing it to one of the big football games at the high school and it came off my neck.  Devastated, I looked for it as hard as I could, but alas and alack- it was nowhere to be found.  Fortunately my mom didn't give me a hard time about it, even though it was hardly the first (or last) time I had lost track of important things (like my retainer. multiple times. in the cafeteria in elementary school. and searching through the trash is awesome.)  I resolved then and there to one day replicate this necklace when I could afford to have jewelry custom-made.  So when I saw this necklace for sale on Modcloth a couple years ago, I knew that it was meant for me-although I couldn't actually bring myself to wear it without feeling super self-conscious about it for most of that time (I'm much more comfortable with being outlandish and dressing the way that I want to these days).  I'm still waiting for the day when I'll be able to imitate the real deal, but in the meantime I'm glad to have this placeholder.

Unrelated sidenote- I have worn this dress/chemise and another one from Anthropologie about a gazillion times in the past few weeks- compared to the price of their real dresses, these fake dresses seem almost reasonable (especially if you can catch them on sale).

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