The sun ain't going to stop you from shining

Outfit: Skirt, Tank: Anthropologie, Shirt: Victoria's Secret, Belt: Target, Necklace: Jess LC, Shoes: Lulu's

Light-weight buttons ups = summer cardigans.  Also, it's Friday night and I just got home from school, so I'm clean out of insightful thoughts (even though I totally had them on the bike ride home. I love bike rides).  Also, this is what I look like after a five-mile bike ride- a little shiny, a lotta wrinkled, and hair that just don't care, with a backdrop of one of the major highways in my city.  I feel like Houston is slowly growing on me (like mold), which is not to say that I disliked when I first moved here, but I feel like I appreciate it more these days.  I think that biking and seeing it at that speed helps, and I think I might (after three summers here) finally be getting used to the heat.

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