Dressing my best part 1

In the days before I started my own blog, there were a couple community challenges that I really admired and had wished I had a blog so that I could participate in them- one of these was Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remixing challenge (which I've participated in previously), and the other was the Academichics Dress Your Best week:

My first favorite part (that I don't really know how to dress, but wanted to highlight):


Admittedly, I'm starting off the week with something that has always been easy for me to love-  I grew up entertaining the family by wiggling em at dinner (seriously, I would do the "can-can" on request), and once my mom sweet-talked the hairdresser into giving them a shape at the tender age of 12, I've never really looked back.  So for today eyebrows, I'm getting my bangs out of your way and giving you some sunglasses to peek out from behind.

Outfit: Shirt, Dress, Shoes, Sunnies: Urban Outfitter, Belt: BR, Headband: Modcloth

I tried to take pictures of me wiggling my eyebrows, but it turns out that A) eyebrows look weird in isolation, B) it is difficult for me to hold that pose long enough for the camera to take a picture outside in bright sunlight without looking like I'm in pain and C) I'm much better at raising my left eyebrow than the right.  On a completely unrelated note, looking at these pictures now kinda makes me feel like I look like I just escaped from a pirate ship.  Thoughts?

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