30 for 30 picks and philosophy


I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm participating in this round of Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 challenge.  This means that I'm picking 30 items (including shoes), and then making at least 30 outfits out of them over (roughly) the next 30 days.  The timing for this is pretty advantageous for me since I will be moving in about a month, so this has enabled me to start packing up the majority of my closet already.  Also, I think it will be good for me to limit my potential choices in the hopes of building the habit of being tidier clothing wise when getting ready in the morning- something which will be necessary since I will be living with someone else.  Also, I'll be living with pets for the first time.

I've been following Kendi's blog since before the first round of 30 for 30, and I seriously considered joining in for the previous round, but didn't have a blog at that time.  I think it's a really interesting concept, and even though I've currently been approaching my closet with the idea of trying to wear more of what I own, especially in regards to shoes, since it's very easy for me to wear the same few pairs repeatedly, but I still want to keep the many other pairs.  That said, I do frequently try to wear the items I have in different ways: A dress as a skirt, a skirt as a dress, layering under, layering over.  I've also traveled as carry-on only for all the trips I've made in the past few years including an 8 day trip to Hawaii, and an 10 day trip (to be fair, like 3 days were spent in car coming/going to Michigan and driving back to Texas).  I will almost always overpack for a 2 or 3 day trip, but I've gotten pretty good at packing for longer trips and limited clothing choices don't intimidate me.

What does intimidate me?  Well, the second part of the challenge is you don't shop during the time you're participating.  No shopping for 30ish days?  This is something that I've never done intentionally, although I've been trying to moderate my shopping by making things more rewards based and have worked out a couple fairly friendly budgets (that I then don't hold to).  I'll admit that the idea of missing out on something that I desperately want does intimidate me.  The key words there are desperate and want- I don't need anything clothing related at this point in time, and I don't really expect that to change anytime soon- I work in a place/field that has the most flexible dress code ever and looking through my closet, I'm probably ready for just about any occasion.  As for the desperate part, I've begun to feel as though my relationship with shopping is less healthy than I'd like it to be.  I feel like I realized at some point that I could reasonably afford most of the things that I liked and wanted to have along with developing the (more positive) feeling that I could wear anything I liked.   And then there's my increase in online shopping and (let's be fair) exposure to cute and affordable things and stores through reading fashion/style blogs, which for me seem like they contribute to the feeling of missing out on something- they'll continue to show it online but Oh My God you're not going to be able to even think about getting that adorable dress unless you pull the trigger and buy it now, now, Now.  That feeling makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how much it affects me.

That's not to say that I don't appreciate how something like Gilt Groupe or regular sales at Anthropologie makes spendier items accessible to my wallet or that I don't really enjoy many of the purchases I've made in recent months,and think that they will still be items I love a few years from now, but I do feel like I've become less thoughtful about what I want to spend money on and that I'm more willing to spend more money on (admittedly typically higher quality) things.  Whatever filter I had previously set on my shopping has become more porous and is letting more through (especially in regards to my demon lover Anthropologie).  I will admit to going through some fairly serious life changes within the past few months, which I'm concerned may be contributing to this in some way, but I'm hoping that a definitive shopping break will help me to examine my thoughts on shopping and possession and be more okay with missing an opportunity.  There's also the financial aspect of this- while I'm not currently running myself into debt,  I can see that happening if I allow my spending to become more out of control.  I'm also at a point in my life where I'd like to be saving money (even though I make about $2 an hour) so that I am able to both live well in the present and be able to progress to the future without insufficient funding holding me back and limiting my options.

That got a little more serious than I intended it to when I sat down to write this, so if you've skipped over it,  that's no problem.  The onset of this challenge coincides with me wanting to set down some concrete thoughts on this topic, which will hopefully then lead to positive change.  Onto the items!
6 dresses:  Urban Outfitters, Target (2), Anthropologie (3)

5 skirts: Urban Outfitters, Target, Ruche, Loft, Target

6 cardigans/sweaters: Express, Delias, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie (3)

8 tops: Anthropologie (2), Forever 21, Express (2) Urban Outfitters, Bitten (SJP's Steve and Barry line), Marc by Marc Jacobs

5 shoes: Steve Madden, Kohl's, Target (3)

While I feel capable of doing this challenge with different choices and possibly even with more random choices, I was second guessing myself a lot when putting this together- it wasn't that I wanted it to be good enough- I wanted it to be the perfect 30 items, which doesn't really exist.  Full disclosure:  While I wanted to have 30 items picked out and ready to go, there are a couple of last minute buys coming in that I may include- including the cognac Intyce boots- I was hesitant to reserve a spot, since I don't actually know how the fit/comfort will be, so rather than picking something from my existing closet after I've started, I felt like it would be easier to eliminate and sub in, and may make edits, although only if the item has not been worn yet.  That seemed like the fairest way to do it.

So, what will I be wearing?  Neutrals, blues, purples, and yellow- the first three don't surprise me, but the last snuck in because of Friday's outfit- I didn't want to wait until month to wear it.  A third are patterned, and only about a third are in neutral colors.  I was surprised at that, as well as how many of the items were purchased fairly recently.  Some of these are new items I've never worn (5), items I've had for awhile and want to wear more (3), and items I've ignored, but have recently fallen in love with (3).  I almost threw in a pair of pants, but realistically, if I weren't consciously limiting myself, I still probably wouldn't be wearing jeans in the next month.

P. S.  I told the bf about this.  His first reaction was, thirty items?  You don't need to get rid of that many of your things!  (He initially thought I was picking out thirty things to hang onto and that I would be getting rid of the remainder).  The second reaction was that he didn't really understand why it would be that hard.  So, let's take that as encouragement.


  1. Oh my goodness. You just pretty much summed up my exact feelings on this challenge, only far more articulately and in depth than I could have! thank you!

  2. I'm excited to see what you come up with, and don't be surprised if I steal/remix some of your ideas (which I assume is ok since I'm clearly not fashion-savvy enough to participate in this challenge). I do promise to post pictures of any of your looks I steal/alter. I do not, however, promise to be any sort of a good influence when it comes to staying away from shopping. Can you still window-shop, even if you don't buy anything? You can do this! Way to go!

  3. Rose- Thank you for reading through that! I know that I've found it interesting to see what people are thinking about when they take up the challenge in addition to the outfits that they post, since we're all approaching this from different lives (and closets).

    Vicki- I'm definitely allowed to window-shop, although I've been trying to stay away from it for the most part. I'm looking forward to your posts, and hope it's sometime soon! Although I know that you're super busy.