You look very blue today

I'm not going to lie to you (because everything on the Internet is supposed to be the truth, right?)- I thought this outfit was a good idea when I wore it yesterday, but looking over the pictures today, it just doesn't seem like it came together in a way that's me- individually the pieces are are all something that I like, and I have no real problem with wearing a lot of the same color (one of the people in my lab came in, saw me and said that I was very blue in a slightly startled manner, but then added that she liked it).  I think with different tights, shoes, and belt I would feel more like I was looking at myself.
The bright side?  I picked out clothes in about a minute, which was excellent, since that was about all the time I had for it.
Outfit: Dress, Boots: Target, Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Gilt, Belt, Tights: Anthropologie


  1. You know I love blue, and all of those shades of it look very good on you, but I do have to agree-usually you have more layers, or your layers are more different from each other (did that make any sense at all?). I like the outfit, but I understand why you would feel that it misses capturing that essential element of "you". Still, I like it!

  2. I think it makes sense- normally I wear that dress with purple underneath, but I thought, oh, it'll look good with blue- and then the tights kinda made my legs looks a little blue too (they're not, they're lavender)....and it all looked a bit 90s to me with the short flat boots.