Day 2 of 30, or reunited and it feels so good

 The post title actually has nothing to do with the outfit, and everything to do with getting to ride my bicycle today for the first time in a week- I wound up with a majorly flat tire last Tuesday so I had to get over to the bike store at some point during their open hours to replace it.
After yesterday's outfit, I'm glad to say that I feel more myself with this outfit today.  Also, the late afternoon light makes the area where I took this look far more picturesque than it actually is in real life, but this whole time change thing is definitely messing with me.  By the time I'm ready to leave for the day, it's already fairly bright outside, but the last light is gone by the time I'm ready to go home- I left on the early side to get home today and all of my photos are somewhat blurry.  Which is kinda entertaining, but I'm not sure how I feel about that as a regular policy.
This sweater was an impulse throw-in to the mix, so I'm glad to already be using it, and this was the final outfit choice today, but I can see how it will work well with a lot of the other stuff that I have, even though it's patterned.  And it has gold threads shots through it!  Naturally I pulled out some of the few gold pieces I have.  The bracelet is something I've never thought to wear before- it's meant to be a necklace, but it fits like a pretty tight choker on me which isn't comfortable.  It was something of my Grandmother's passed down to me when I was young, and kept as part of my dress-up collection for years and now I've finally be able to work it into my regular life! The necklace is based on Ziggy Stardust, and I'm a huge fan of David Bowie, so I was delighted to find something like this out on the internet.
Gratuitous bike shot!  Bad lighting!  As you can see, I was delighted to be able to ride my bike again.
Outfit: Shirt, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Target, Necklace: Modcloth, Bracelet: Grandmother's


  1. Super cute sweater. Can't wait to see how your remix it.

  2. I really like the color of that skirt, and you know I adore those boots! Way to go!