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... been kind of lazy in the kitchen since getting back from Cancun last week- BUT I found myself seriously longing for some oatmeal cookies on Sunday (and went to my old standby of Smitten Kitchen, recipe here), and I found myself missing the crepe station that was part of breakfast at the resort (and found this crepe recipe after seeing it on Food Coma).  Other ways that we've brought our favorite parts of the trip back with us include: the fancy bottle of tequila the boy bought at the airport in celebration of us finally getting on a plane back to the states 24 hours later than we were supposed to be, mimosas on Saturday (and Sunday...had to finish up the bottle), and a hammock chair from a flea market (as soon we figure out how to hang it up).  How have you brought back the good of vacation with you?

And here's a few pictures from our weekend awayt- it was nice to spend lots of time poolside and down on the beach (even though I don't look terribly tan and got that question a lot at work).   In place of a rehearsal dinner, we went on a sunset catamaran cruise (which was awesome).

My brother and his new wife!  So cute!
Since this post is picture heavy, I've included more pictures after the jump
My dad, his brothers, and my grandma (not pictured) wore matching shirts during the rehearsal cruise (more adorable!)

 Brother with my new sisters

My aunt and uncle with new sister

I think we may have to make the effort of spending some more time on the beach this summer.  And make more mimosas. 

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