The best bike rack in Houston

Outfit: Skirt, necklace: Vintage via Etsy- Archives Vintage, Shirt: Old Express, Shoes: Wanted via Delias, Socks: Target, Bag: Mommed

I coerced Bf to take these photos while we were running over to do Pub Trivia at one of the local bars, since I'm so in love with both of these items that I picked up a little while back when Lisa did a sale, and I'm delighted that there ended up being a couple of cooler days this week so I could wear it now (instead of staring longingly at it all summer).  I even got to wear my boots during the day! I never thought I'd be wearing a knit skirt and boots in May in Houston, but I'm glad to be proven wrong.  Unfortunately, the first round of trivia was based off of current events, and since I get most of my news by way of twitter, I'm not necessarily the most informed and we were not totally awesome at trivia.  Fortunately, there was a ridiculously awesome bike rack that looks like a bike nearby and I got to take a picture with it (and plan on using it many times over the summer now that it's staying light out later and bf has a bike).

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