Perfectly pleated

Outfit: Shirt: Urban outfitters, Skirt: Vintage via Etsy- Blue Barn Vintage, Shoes: Seychelles via Anthro, Cardigan: Victoria's Secret, Belt: Goodwill ($1!), Bracelets: Gifted, Necklace: Failed earring attempt from class with Dismount Creative

Pay no attention to the generally atrocious quality of these photos- it was too late to get good light, but I was deeply in love with this outfit (even though it's super similar to one from last week).  It also may have been, as you might notice here, ridiculously windy (also, ridiculously cold for Houston in May- amiright fellow Texans, what is up with the weather these days?)  But oh gosh, do I love the way that you can see the movement of this skirt.  I'd been eying a gray pleated skirt from Urban Outfitters, so I was delighted to stumble across this one on Etsy.  And the belt? Why do I not shop more often at Goodwill?

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