15% off at Lulus.com!

One of the other good (okay, great) things that came out of attending the TxSCC was getting the chance to meet some of the people behind some of my favorite online stores, including the super cute girls representing LuLu*s.  One of whom was wearing (and I now consider directly responsible for me getting and loving) this pair of shoes:

My favorite pair of sandals that saw an insane amount of use last summer are also from there (from back in the day long before I had a blog):

So you can imagine how excited I am to now be able to offer a coupon code for ya'll to get 15% off at LuLu*s (the whole darn site) from now until May 9th, 2011 using INNERCUPCAKE (case sensitive).  It is valid for customers in the US and Canada* and is a one use per customer coupon.  They have an intimidatingly large selection of ridiculously cute items, and they're reasonably priced.  So what have I been eying during my mental window shopping?

Lace, long sleeves and collar? Check.

Another pair (or two) of Chelsea Crew shoes? Check. Check.

Continuation of my love for things that tell time that you don't wear on your wrist? Check!
Looks like some of my tax refund might be finding its way out of my bank account... what are you interested in/ what should I look forward to coveting in the future?

*Non-US and Canada residents, I'm sorry that this doesn't apply to you.

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