Doing it myself (with a little help)

Outfit: Skirt: Handmade, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Tank: Express, Shoes, Belt: Target, Necklace: Vintage via Etsy- Archives Vintage, Bracelet: Flower by me attached to gifted bracelet

1. It's time for the second edition of the Paper doll project, also known as one of those glorious days where I don't have to dress myself, and someone else makes that hard decision for the day.  I was pleased as punch by the outfit that Cassie picked out, and really enjoyed getting to style her (once again by picking out some of my favorite items she's used for outfit posts- and they're all thrifted).  Check out the links to everyone else's looks here!

2.  I made my skirt! After dropping some subtle hints (followed by some very unsubtle hints) to the bf that I'd appreciate having a sewing machine to make my own clothes (and replace some zippers that I've needed to do for quite some time).  It's an early anniversary present (which he knew I'd want to play with immediately, so he gave it to me as soon as it came in and making sure it arrived on the weekend).  I made it by combining this skirt that I first saw on Sarah (based off of a tutorial from Megan Nielson's diy maternity site) with some touches from this elastic waist band skirt (mostly the pockets), and my own desires (has two tiers of fabric, and it's not reversible, even though reversible things are awesome, cuz I decided I wanted a different style skirt from the other fabric I purchased).  I'm really looking forward to making more things (suggestions?) and awkwardly asking friends for their waist size so that I can make them all skirts.

3.  Bf looked at me getting ready this morning and said that he really liked it- I dress for myself, and I don't (often) ask his opinions on what I'm wearing (except when I'm actually planning an outfit out for a reason), so when he offers one up I treasure it (even when he says I look good while wearing a tshirt and leggings).  Bf approved ftw!

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