Just a little trespassing

Outfit:  Dress: Modcloth, Shirt: Express, Leggings, Target, Shoes: Lulus, Necklace: Jess LC, Bracelet: self made (inspired by the mixed chains of this bracelet and this necklace)

Hey guys, haven't died over here (okay if we're friends on Twitter you already knew that)- just dealing with some changes in scheduling (by which I mean I had social engagements every night for awhile) and recovering from a fall on my bike (scraped up my knee, so I was cranky from pain and limited knee flexibility for a week straight).  I still have scabs all ova, but I was able to crop them out here, and I started taking pictures again towards the end of last week.  I even found myself in a random field, where I may or may not have been trespassing (well I happened to be driving past a random field and thought that no one would see me since it was in a business park and it was after 7.  And then two trucks turned in past me.  Fortunately no cops were called)

I find myself feeling like this past weekend marked the beginning of summer for me (for no real reason) and that I'm really looking forward to this summer.  Even though I'm a student, the summer coming doesn't really change up my daily schedule-so I'm going to have to figure out how to change things up on my own, and I feel like I have many things to look forward to:

Long bike rides with the bf and biking to places as often as I can
Trivia nights on Tuesday with delicious gyros and kebabs from the restaurant next door.
Fresh produce for baking and cooking (and making more of an effort to fit those in)
A trip to Mexico
Wearing those gold sandals all. the. time.
More random jewelry making and sewing projects
Making the time to fit in things I enjoy that are good for me (yoga), and I'm seriously contemplating signing up for a ballet class even though I'm woefully out of shape and haven't danced since college

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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