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I admitted to my bf when I bought this and another sweater skirt at Anthropologie the other week, I was afraid that I wouldn't wear them as much as I liked them due to the fact that it's Houston in January (so spring is just around the corner), and that it might not have been the wisest decision ever.

And then I wore them three times in the last week (four if you count last night when I threw this on because my legs were cold and it's like wearing a giant sweater on your legs).

Outfit: Cardi, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shirt: Victoria's Secret, Tights: We Love Colors, Boots: Steve Madden Intyce, Cat: BF's

I think this is why I have a hard time with controlling my buying impulses and also getting rid of things sometimes- even though I didn't know whether this skirt would be totally practical, I've been seeking it out for wear already while more "practical" items will sometime sit unused for some time.  I also find that I tend to go through phases of heavy wear and no wear at all with a lot of things too.  The bf's advice (when I'm sitting on the floor in my closet frustrated and surrounded by piles of clothing, knowing there must be something I should be getting rid of) is to give away everything I haven't worn for 6 months (he doesn't really do anything different for seasonal clothing).  When I protest that I don't wear all my sweaters and tights in the summer, he'll sigh and say alright, how about everything you haven't worn in a year.  This causes me to dejectedly sigh and try to burrow further into my nest of clothing- there's plenty of things that I haven't worn in a year, but what if I start wearing it again all the time, or get rid of it and then realize that it would have been the absolutely perfect thing to wear?  I know, I probably sound like someone on Hoarders, but there have been items that I've set aside for a couple years and only then figured out a new way to wear it, or decided that it looks better on that I remembered- these instances make it hard for me to loosen my grip on clothes.

For those who appreciated the gratuitous cat photobombing on this post near the end of my 30 for 30, I thought I'd include the last photo- they haven't been coming up to me a lot during outfit shots lately, but they will frequently try to swat at the camera and stare at the flashing light.

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