Everybody Everywear- Breton stripes day

Hey guys, hopefully you've spotted a lot of stripes out there already today, and you can see a whole big collection of them posted up at Everybody, Everywear (you know, that awesome site that I mentioned in the last post that I'm sure you've already been too, right?).  You can get to the Breton stripes link using the badge at the post of the post (which also handily shows off my striping pride).

Outfit: Stripes: Anthropolgoie, Cardigan: Target, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: express, Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

I was trying to capture the glorious combination of two bright colors, with one being somewhere along the pink spectrum and one along the red/orange, which I know that I've been seeing in plenty of places lately (a couple looks that I could recall that resonated with me are Audi's and Sal's).  I dragged this cozy cardi out of the closet after forgetting about it for a couple years to save a bright fuchsia sweaterdress a couple weeks back (that I failed to photograph) and loved how cheerful the combination made me feel (even though my red cardi is on the muted side).  This skirt isn't quite as bright, but between that and the scarf it's still a lot of color in my day.  My fun trick for the day- I usually wear this necklace as a doubled up bracelet since it's a bit small and makes me feel like a small monkey is choking my neck, but today I lengthened it using an actual bracelet for great win.

I hope ya'll aren't sick of these boots yet- I'm finding it strangely hard to consider alternative footwear in the morning to my two new favorite pairs of boots (except yesterday when I wore rain boots due to depressing Houston downpour).

How are you wearing your stripes?

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