Everybody Everywear and ubiquitous bloggy skirt

This outfit has two items that I coveted for some time before breaking down and finally making the purchase.

Item 1.  This gingham shirt that I think I first spotted on either Kendi or Tania, which then blossomed into full blown envy when Liz of 26 and Counting came up with Gingham Friday and sent around a call for ladies to style their gingham shirt on the same day.  Together with Linda of The Auspicious Life (and her talented fella), they've developed Everybody, Everywear, a site that will be a collection of various peoples styling the same common item in your closet.  Up tomorrow?  Breton stripes Tuesday!  So, I will be here tomorrow with my stripes on and I hope that some of you will join us in being part of this community.

Outfit: Gingham: J. Crew, Shirt: Victoria's Secret, Belt: Ancient, Ubiquitous bloggy skirt, leggings: Target, Boots: Madden Girl via Delia's

Item 2: This lace skirt that has been everywhere on the internets for the past few months, and naturally I couldn't resist picking it up when I finally spotted one on sale at my local Target (albeit in a size smaller than I would have liked), even though it's going to end up being limited to weekend wear (although I am working on being more comfortable with myself in hip conscious clothing).  The huge popularity of this skirt amongst bloggers has got me thinking- wouldn't it be neat to round-up pictures of everyone styling this in their own way?  So, even though this strikes me as being very similar to the Everybody, Everywear project (I just wanted to style the skirt myself before I did this post!), I'd like to send around a call for pictures featuring this skirt.  If you've got photos of yourself in one of the lace skirts, I'd love to include you.  In addition, I'd also like to hear your thoughts on wearing the same item as another girl (remember when it was devastating to show up at the homecoming dance wearing the same dress as someone else?).

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