Reasons why I should get a tripod

1.  So that I don't accidentally end up taking pictures of grass with me in the background
2.  So that my camera doesn't get blown over or fall off of things

Outfit: Cardigan: Gap, Cami: Anthropologie, Skirt, Leggings, Socks: Target, Boots: Steve Madden Intyce, Necklace: Express, Bike: Mommed

These were taken a bit back actually, and now that I'm looking at them, I think I actually like both them and the outfit much better than I did the day of- it's amazing what a little perspective can do to you.

Taking these ended up being a little more epic than I would have liked at the time- when I've taken outfit photos along my bike path, I've usually attempted to co-opt the seat of my bike as a tripod, which sometimes works better than at other times.  For example- when windy?  Not as good an idea.  Also, I had a couple bikers stop to ask if I was alright (you mean, people don't awkwardly try to take pictures of themselves in public all the time?)  So I figured I would go to the lower part of the bike trail and use the slope of the hill as a tripod, which, well- at least when it fell over it didn't have far to go.  Unfortunately, you may have guessed based on the above photos that it was difficult to find an area that didn't have grass that got in the way and provided a more attractive focus point.

This story could also function as part of the list of why I shouldn't have nice things- inevitably cheap things seem to bounce back better from falls (and they're easier to replace).  Another one to add to the list?  I broke the beautiful, nice (expensive) stand mixer the bf had thoughtfully given to me for my birthday this weekend.  I accidentally got a spatula too close and it won the fight.  Now, obviously this could have (and should have) been avoided by being more careful- but I'm pretty sure that something similar has happened to my $6 hand mixer from Walgreen's that I've been using for the past 4 or so years.  Sigh.  Anyone know how to go about trying to fix fancy household appliances (or at least figure out how much it'll cost)?

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