Things worth being motivated for

I might try to copy a page out of your book Vicki and try to use shopping to motivate me to reach a goal (I already got the boys part handled :) ).  What goals?  I'm not sure yet, but what I can tell you is what will be motivating me.

This dress from Modcloth:
These Steve Madden boots that maddeningly cute (I'm soooo funny):

This overpriced, potentially rain-resistant jacket for throwing on over things when I inevitably end up biking in the rain:

And this wildly inappropriate for the weather headband, even though I should be enjoying these days of 70s and 80s instead of pushing for fall to come:
 I would love to wear all of them together, although if the headband is necessary, I might need to throw on some tights as well, but I think I can come up with that out of my existing closet.

Help me out here- what can I work towards that makes purchasing these items less guilt-inducing?


  1. Heather, my love, you need to move here so I can raid your closet. I want ALLLLLLLL of those things, the dress and boots even more so. Things to work toward:

    -All A's this semester (I don't think you have very many classes, though)
    -5K or 10K race
    -Staying within your budget for a certain period of time (kinda counterintuitive - I stayed within my budget, now I can blow it!)
    -Making it to the gym at least 3 days a week for a month or 2

    These are things I would motivate myself with. These are also things I stand no chance of doing. :)

  2. You should never feel guilty about buying pieces this awesome! You should come back to MI so I can steal your stuff (and of course, so I can give you death grip bear hugs on a regular basis)! I love the boots (I'm searching for a pair of wide-calf high boots, even though I can't really wear a dress with the stuff I do and skinny jeans look ridiculous on me, but I digress), and the dress, AND the jacket! Hmm, about cleaning your apartment? Not that, you know, you need to, but any housework deserves a reward in my book. I might eventually steal Sarah's idea of making it to the gym, but a month or two is such an extended period of time! I have an exam at least every week, so it's like almost instant gratification for me...hmm...what about, if you go through your closet and donate a few things that you don't really wear/don't like/don't fit you can buy the same number of new things? Or if you sell those things you can put the money towards new clothing purchases? Or you can have some of my motivation-if I do well, you can buy yourself something (because as we all know, the world revolves around me)! :)

  3. Oh and also I absolutely MUST approve of any articles of clothing that have animals on them, in any form, especially horses (or dogs). has a bunch of jewelry that you can add to your menagerie-themed collection Heather!

  4. These are all worthy goal items! The Modcloth dress is darling! I tie my monthly shopping budget to my writing goals that way I'm at least being productive in order to shop.

  5. I have come up with an appropriate motivation, courtesy of my neurology professor: if your patient's head falls off, that's bad. Therefore, if you can avoid giving any of your mice an alanto-axial luxation, you should be able to buy at least one thing off of your list.

  6. Unfortunately, I just finished up the writing that I could have used some motivation to get done in a timely manner.

    Heads do not really fall off accidentally, even in my line of would you accidentally give your patients an alanto-axial luxation? I did actually have something at work go well today, but I'm not sure if that really counts as something to be motivated for- I'm having a hard time feeling excited about things going well with my latest stuff since it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of stuff that needs to be done in order to actually accomplish something. I am tempted to consider selling off the Volvo as a worthy goal- it's something that's been hanging on my to do list since I brought the new car down South in August (which is a frighteningly long time). I'll probably go with the goals of working out multiple times/ wk for a month, being able to run a 5k (which should be a slightly easier goal since my friend and I have talked about doing the 5k though the local bar's running club in the upcoming weeks), and selling clothes (I finally posted stuff up on ebay).