The Hair-Jane Austen, or Alfred Hitchcock?

Alright, so I'm going to attempt to post some pictures of the way my hair turned out after diffusing it curly and clipping it up with tiny little butterfly clips (dark enough to hide under my hair, thankfully) and bobby pins (ditto). It's hard to see the curls-they aren't very defined in pictures unless I've used gel on them, which I abhor because of the nasty crunchy feeling it causes. Anyway, here we go...

(Crazy eyes)

Oh my god I have no idea why they turned out this way but they won't go where I want them and I can't figure out how to move them because I'm technologically challenged so I'm just going to leave them and hope it doesn't bring the entire blog down in flames.


  1. I think I could handle doing that with my hair! I like it and it definitely looks beter than a stubby pony tail.

    Does this mean you can upload the pictures from your birthday? I want to see them in all their glory!

  2. Well I took these pictures with my webcam, but I'm working on reinstalling the software so I can upload from my camera. I promise I'm working on it! Also, I totally believe you could pull this look off, especially with your bangs, plus the fact that I think your hair might hold a curl better than mine.