Through the looking glass

Outfit: Dress as skirt: American Apparel/ Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Chelsea Crew via UO/ Necklace: Ruche/ Earrings: Self-made/

I'm not sure if I feel super about this dress when it's worn at a skirt, but I love having an extra way to wear something and the extra length that pushing it down gives me, since apparently this has turned into the summer of longer length skirts.  I don't know how much of this change is just the subtle way that trends influence you, since even when your immediate impulse is not I-need-that-and-need-that-right-now, you still get used to seeing trends around and they become more familiar.  Another part of this shift in length might be that in the past I've kept a firm grip on leggings to add a layer of comfort and modesty, even in the summer.  Over the past few months of taking pictures of myself and scrutinizing myself to figure out what gets posted, I've grown more comfortable with the way that my body looks and more at ease with wearing things that fall outside of my comfort zone of personal rules of flattery and more okay with baring the skin that comes with leaving the leggings off. 

Or it could be that I'm overthinking this, and I'm just getting old :)  And well, it's not a good idea to wear any more clothing than I absolutely need to and biking in Houston summer.

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