Pajama day

Outfit:  Skirt: Handmade/ Shirt: Anthropologie/ Shoes: Target

Hey all- I know I haven't been very present on these here internets, since somehow the past month that I thought would be give me more free time (ie: a month off from dance class), turned into the opposite.  It turns out that coming home late at night is not conducive for taking outfit pictures in the evening (nor is being hangry) and the days are turning shorter (my phone's weather widget keeps telling me that the high for the day is in the mid-nineties, but it has in fact been cool enough to open up the apartment at night, which has been a blessed relief and it does feel like the weather is starting to change.  Now if only we could get some rain here in Texas!)  To ease my way back into taking pictures again, I thought I'd declare it Pajama Day and wear my jammies outside.  I'm only sort of kidding- this shirt was meant for apartment wear, and was initially categorized as such until I realized that I could find a happy medium between how much I care about undergarments being visible (kinda lots) and how visible my bra straps are underneath the lace detailing (fairly little).  And I may have made sleep shorts out of extra fabric from the skirt after I realized that I didn't have the heart to turn it into a dress (which was the original plan), since it seems like it goes with everything, and well...feels like I could fall asleep in it.

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