Lately I've...

...been looking forward to a sneak peek at BHLDN's new store (how totally cool is that their first store is opening in Houston?).  The invitation was one of the cutest things I've ever seen and included paper dolls of some of their gorgeous items.  It's tonight, but I'm still trying to figure out whether I can go or not since I last minute realized it conflicts with singing practice, and we're performing on Friday (considering how much sadface I gave the bf this morning when I realized this, I'm leaning towards trying to find a way to make it work).

...been dividing my time between lab and the Art Show.  Helping to coordinate the Art Show and prepping my stuff has eaten up a large chunk of time, so while I'm glad to have volunteered my time, I'm excited for it to be over with soon.  The other two girls who I've been working with (and who have done even more for it than me) have been amazing, and I'm hoping that a lot of stuff sells (a little selfishly, since a portion of the proceeds go to an art program at Texas Children's, but also there's a ton of really talented people at my school).

...finally replaced my cell phone digitizer, since the phone's warranty is voided by the fact that it has cracks (it was cracked over 8 mo ago), but it's hard to use a phone that the touchscreen is only working 2% of the time.  I did it myself, since the 3rd party repair place wanted to charge 2x what they do iphone screens for, my warranty's already voided, and  I really like this phone.  It was a little weird to spend a couple weeks with a mostly-not-working phone, and made me think- I also ended up spending a week without my credit card earlier this month- another weird experience of doing without the things that I've been used to since I was in high school.  I actually only have one credit card, so when my account got shut down with no warning (while I was traveling, so I didn't have much with me), it made me feel really vulnerable.  I am pretty financially dependent on that little piece of plastic (by which I mean I feel uncomfortable carrying around the amount of cash I would need to do even the everyday things like buy groceries for the two of us for the week), but it's startlingly to actually find that out.

...gotten to visit my family in the suburbs of Chicago.  I went up for a local reception for my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate their new marriage, which was a great way to include family and friends.  While there I took advantage of spending as much time outside as possible in the slightly cooler/less humid climate, Midwestern grilled corn on the cob (one of my favorite foods), good beer and good company on the patio, and made this skirt from my sewing to-do list (as a gift for a friend).  I'm extraordinarily blessed by my family and close friends (a couple of whom were able to come to the reception, which was fantastic),  and while distance makes things more challenging, I cherish the opportunities that I get to spend time with them.  I also got some free time to play around with my camera :)

Pictured above: Some of the best friends a girl could have.

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