Lately: life flailing edition

 Outfit:  Shirt, belt: Anthropologie/ Skirt, shoes: Target/ Necklace: Gift/ Earrings: Self-made/

I know, I know- I didn't write, I didn't call.  My dad even commented that it had been a long time since I've updated here.  The truth is that while I'm still interested in this little piece of the internet, but I've struggled with making time for it, and also with what I wanted to do with it.  In a lot of ways this outfit shows how I've been feeling lately- a little disheveled, a little blown around and pulled in different directions, and surrounded by things that I really love.  In the time since my last post I've:

-turned another year older
-had to buy a new bike
-gave a big talk about my research to people outside of my lab and thesis committee
-posted my first jewelry listing on Etsy (and completely failed at following through with it)
-sang a solo as part of my a cappella group's performance at the med school talent show
-sewed an awesome costume for a friend that looked a lot like the flight attendant outfit (we sang a Britney medley):

I've also been doing a lot of science (and thinking more seriously about what will go into my first first author paper) and dancing my heart out with the occasional side of watching a zombie tv show with the bf.

I have managed to get dressed on most days, and I'd like to get back to taking pictures of what I wear sometimes cuz getting dressed is fun, but it's not something that I'm prepared to do at the expense of these other things.  So, consider this more of a hello again than a goodbye, but for now I'm considering it a pretty cautious hello.

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