Let's face it, the best part about this outfit is the shoes

Outfit: Skirt, shoes: Lulu's, Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Modcloth, Bracelets: Gift

It's true- I did in fact basically decide I didn't care what I was wearing as long as it included these shoes (they're crazy comfortable).  In my defense, I've been lusting after these shoes for months now and finally made the purchase after they came back in stock after eying them in person at the TxSCC (on one of the girls from Lulu's who gave her stamp of approval).  The pleats and button-up were put together after eying this picture on Pinterest.  Unfortunately while the pleated part of the skirt was really fun at the start it wound up being massively static-y and driving me crazy.  Any words of wisdom for me?  I'm afraid I won't get as much use out of the skirt as it deserves.  On an unrelated note, if you have any advice for me on sewing machines, that would be extremely useful.  I'm seriously thinking about buying one and I'd like to get one that will be a useful investment, while still being not a huge investment in terms of the price.  Help!

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