Design your look with Jess LC

One of the non-style blogs that is on my daily read mental list is the same brain behind Jess LC (Make Under My Life).  Although a lot of her posts are more business-geared, it all speaks to something that I'm working towards- living a life with intention.  And her jewelry's pretty too :)  (The fifth grade me who sold daisy chain bracelets to her classmates is in love with the fact that someone actually had the moxie to make selling their jewelry a full-time gig out of college).  So when I came across her "Design Your Look" contest  I managed (okay gleefully went into day-dreaming mode) to come up with a look that encapsulates the top items of my spring wishlist:

Another pair of Chelsea Crew shoes (t-strap this time): Check (Lulu's)
Yellow full skirt pockets: Check (Anthropologie)
That cardigan at Anthropologie that is calling out to me: Check
Darlingtonia bow belt: Check
and Jess LC Franklin collection necklace: I've actually just bought this one and pretty much haven't taken it off my neck since it got here, and I've been seriously coveting the bracelet below
And right now my ideal spring activity includes throwing on some sunglasses (since I'm a mole-man/vampire hybrid having been trapped inside the lab and am sensitive to light) and hopping on my bicycle (as soon as I get a new pedal), since Bf just decided to get his own bike (inside I am skipping with gleeful abandon).

What are you looking forward to doing now that it (in most places) is starting to feel like Spring again (and what are you looking forward to wearing while doing these things)?

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