The (almost) perfect (almost) skirt

Outfit: Dress as skirt, shoes: Target, Shirt: BR outlet, Cardigan: Express, Sunnies: Urban Outfitter, Jewelry: Gifts

This skirt (well dress really) falls into the category of items that I prooobably should not have bought based on the way that it fits when worn the way that it is meant to be worn, but has seen a lot of usage in a modified form.  I've realized lately that I do that a lot (wear things that don't fit the way they're are meant to) and I have to wonder, is it just me that does that?  I know that traditional style advice is that you should be buying things that you really love AND that fit you well, but some days I look into my closet and feel like I don't follow that very well.  And this dress is almost perfect as a skirt- isn't that good enough?

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