The lengths to which I will go

I tried my best to find something maxi (by which I mean I actually went into real stores the past couple of weekends), but I couldn't legitimize spending money on anything that I liked that was new (since I wasn't sure if I'd wear it again), didn't find anything good in the goodwill, and didn't pick up any fabric or a sewing machine yet. So i thought, why not do what I joked about when the great maxi debate (led by Emily) and pull out my favorite bedsheet and gussy that baby up with some sweet accessories?

Outfit: Bedsheet as maxi dress: pretty sure it's from JC Penney's, Cardigan: Express, Shoes, Headband: Target, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Shop Strut as free gift from TxSCC

I think this might look a little less like a bedsheet if it wasn't so darn wrinkled, but what do you think- Can we all mass pretend that I'm wearing a dress for this very special day of Everybody, Everywear?  I had a heck of a time walking around in this, since it's a bit more fabric than what I'd really need (blogging is serious business as you can see in my face below, but not so serious that I will cut up bed sheets.  Yet), but I actually kinda like it.  I've managed to get over my trepidation of midi skirts, maybe maxis will be next!

Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear

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