Awkward and awesome

The post title is pretty shamelessly ripped from a regular feature done by Sydney of The Daybook, where in addition to her outfit posts, she fairly regularly shows her adorable photographer/husband.  My awkward and awesome experience was having Bf take outfit photos for me during some downtime the other afternoon (I figured it would be easier to awkwardly take photos where people who already knew about the blog, ie my family, could see as opposed to go to a park where strangers could awkwardly stare at me).  After I went out into my brother's backyard to see if I could make anything out of the light available to me, Bf came out and offered to help- I looked at him and said something along the lines of, but I'm the one who's really interested in photography, and he said something along the lines of, well yes, but I'm interested in you.  And then he took lots of photos, and I was lots of awkward poses and facial expression and laughter. And love.

I really love that you can see the shadow of him taking the photo.

Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target, Bracelet: Gift, Necklace: Chai was Grandmother's, chain was Mom's, Bag: Kate Spade via Gilt

This was one of his favorites:

I'm trying so hard to not laugh...

..but then I gave into it.

The two pieces of jewelry I'm wearing probably deserve their own post.  Both were given to me by my mom, and I wear them as a way to remember her and her love for me.  I consider the necklace one of the most special things that I own, a connection to both the grandmother that I never got to know and really that entire side of my family.  I even went through a phase in high school where I wore it everyday before I panicked that I would ruin it or lose it through overuse.

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