In the last picture I'm working on my hand modeling skills

Two quick things on the internet that have made me excited to no end.  First off, one of the totally sweet girls that I got the chance to meet at the TxSCC, which I will someday re-cap, had tweeted the other day that she'd taken a picture that reminded her of me (totally awesome, right?) but then it got better and she mentioned me and posted the pic in a sweet as a cupcake post on her blog (check it and her out at Kara Moseby Photography).

I also got pretty giddy when I found out that the photo of me taken by Mai of the Fashionist was included in Erin's (Calivintage) Friday Favorites (and to those of you who've found me through this- hi ya'll!)

Outfit: Dress: Ruche, Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Sandals: Lulu's, Pearls: Childhood dress-up stash, Bracelet: Hawaii airport, Clutch: Mom's

Pose: Monkeyface

Okay okay, truth time. I like to wear this dress a lot.  Even though it needs a slip underneath to be worn as a dress and sometimes (like today) I'm too lazy to deal with that.  On days where I'm totally frustrated by my closet it serves as a wonderful pick-me-up and pretty typically makes me feel like whatever I'm wearing is awesome (even if it's basically pajamas).  Naturally I needed to pair it with more lace (MOAR LACE!), which is great because while I think this cardigan is adorable I've struggled with wearing it outside of the closet (and keeping it on a hanger instead of thrown onto my stool in a huff.

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