Learning skills for my spare time job as a jewelry-maker

Recently (okay a couple weeks back, I'm just super behind on things), I was invited by Alicia of Dismount Creative, who I met briefly at the TxSCC, to come to her kick-off preview social DIY night.  I'm really impressed by how she's turning something she loves into what she does.  If I had a spare time job selling things on etsy, this class would have been invaluable.  I've always been a huge fan of learning how things are made (at a sidewalk crafty-type sale in middle school I ended up periodically dropping by this one girl's booth and asking the occasional question so that I could learn how to make her little lucky alligators.  I probably looked like a creep (as creepy as a sixth grader gets), but I can still make you one of those alligators out of seed beads today).  Not only did I get to to learn two new techniques the other night without lurking, I also got to try out a new and tasty restaurant, AND get to meet some fabulous Houston ladies. That's what I can a win win win situation.

If you click the picture below, it'll take you to the class schedule- we learned how to do two of the things below- the stamped pendant, and the wire wrapping technique.  I had such a ridiculously fun time with this- Thank you Alicia for inviting me out, and I hope to be able to come to another one sometime soon!

Our fearless leader Alicia, armed with knowledge (and a hammer), and a really cute shirt from Zara.

Stamped pendant making in action. Not only was it fun to make my own stuff, but it was also really neat to see how everyone put their own spin on things.

What I made! Wire wrapped earrings, a stamped pendant (I totally copied was inspired by my Jess LC neclace and attached a pearl onto it as well), and my first attempt at wire-wrapping.  I've already worn out the earrings and gotten compliments (including a threat from my labmate to take them from me), and if that's not success, I'm not sure what is.

Top row: Reiko from God’s Favorite Shoes (who I was lucky enough to have dinner with at TxSCC, and was delighted to get to see her again), Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely, Michelle, Alica, me, Bottom row: Raven of DIY Raven (who makes her own American Apparel inspired clutches), and Jackie

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