Scavenged flower

WHAT, posting two days in a row?  Maybe I'm finally going to start getting my act together.  I am actually starting to feel a little more put together in lab (although only a little bit), since we sat down today and talked about what experiments are going to be done with what materials (so in theory I might even be set-up to get a first author paper out sometime in the next year-ish and not just a second author paper- which would be Ah-mazing).

Also, this dress makes me feel like I'm slightly put-together.  It's disgustingly perfect for Houston summers since it's lightweight and easy to wear- plus I can stand to be in it all day and then meet up with friends to go to the outdoor free theater here.  Be prepared to see a lot of it this summer.  Or I can just only take pictures every other day when I decide to wear something different :)  Although I'm definitely due for an upgrade on my short-sleeve cardigan- anyone have suggestions?

Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan, Leggings: Target, Flats: Gap, Necklace: Flower scavenged from Charming Charlie's broken jewelry craft at TxSCC

I'm seriously loving this view, getting to actually be outside when the sun sets, and getting to bike home when it's light out- what are you loving these days?

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