(Practically) internet famous

Hey ya'll- check it: I was lucky enough (and totally flattered) to be photographed by streetstyle blogger Mai of Fashionist during the last day of the TxSCC, and it got posted today! (Hi people coming here from fashioni.st, awesome to see ya'll)  It was definitely my favorite outfit of the weekend, and it's neat to see her other photos from TxSCC and SXSW (and I promise to post it soon as I catch up on my blogging, since the lovely Suze was awesome enough to take outfit photos for me).

These photos are actually from last weekend (see, so behind here) when I was up in Chicago to do family stuff, which is why I was able to get in my last few winter's outfits and pull out the tights and my new-to me corduroy dress.  Thank goodness I had them, since I have become such a wuss after moving down South, and had failed to pack any sort of heavy jacket or gloves.

Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie via EffortlessAnthropologie Trade Market, Tank: Limited, Tights: We Love Colors, Oxfords: Wanted, Necklace: Modcloth, Bracelets: Gift and Hawaii airport

Jacket: Old Navy Outlet, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Dad: greater Chicago-area :)

That's right. I pulled out my trusty tripod and set it up to take tourist pictures of my dad and I after we hung out at the Art Institute and walked around Millennium park.  And then I got to show him what I do everyday.  I wouldn't allow him to actually take the photos, since he's notorious in our family for taking unflattering photos at inappropriate times, but he got a kick out of hearing about it and seeing me in action.  We actually wound up talking a lot about this whole blogging process, since my mention that I was traveling to Austin had opened up a line of discussion about it (and he passed along the url to a couple family members...feel free to say hi if ya'll are actually reading this!)  It was really nice being very open with one of the most important people in my life about something I'm doing that is growing to be more important in my life (that isn't shared with everyone in my life).

And this was the lovely view that I was blocking up after I decided to take photos in the middle of Chicago.  I love this city.

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