Consider me your life size paper doll

Or at least Louise of Coffee and a Cardigan should.  Seriously girl, any time you want to come look at my closet and dress me, I would be delighted.  Maybe ya'll heard about Erin, Liz, and Suze's venture into real-life paper doll-ing during the last 30 for 30?  Suze decided to organize opening that business up to the internets, and since I was totally in love with not having to pick out what I wore today, I signed myself up and got paired up with the adorable Louise.  You can check out how I dressed her here, which was basically inspired by drawing up a list of things that I highly covet from her closet (lucky for her we live on opposite sides of the country and aren't the same size).

I asked her to style up one of my favorite, but least worn skirts from Anthropologie, which I struggle to style.  I big red puffy heart this skirt, even though it doesn't follow my personal rules for flattery.  I couldn't be happier with what she chose to style me up in, since it's stuff I hadn't thought of, but I really like how it worked out (although I had to switch things around a tiny bit, since she gave me two options, one of which had tights- it was too warm for that, and the other which suggested high heeled sandals- which I only have in orange).  She even made some suggestions for hair and lipstick, although unfortunately the sun was much brighter than I expected right after I started, so my face pretty much looks like it's in pain in most of the shots (I need to get me a Monkeyface!)

Outfit: Skirt, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Shirt: Kohl's, Shoes: Modcloth, Necklace: Gift, Purse: Swapped!

Okay, confession time- I switched out of the heels for flats for the day after taking pictures, because I am not someone who is able to wear 4 inch heels for a full day of work.  On the bright side, playing dress-up allowed me to bring out this purse, my favorite acquisition from the TxSCC swap in Austin (which is also impractical for biking to work).

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