Filler. Delicious filler.

Hey ya'll.  I'm back from the Texas Style Council Conference (and counting down the days until the next one) and I am planning for sure to do a wrap up post, but in the mean time I'm playing catch up with work and personal life (especially since I'm going to be disappearing again this weekend to go up to Chicago for family stuff).  And then after that, I am super excited to be able to start going around to all the blogs of people I got to meet this weekend (new friends!) If you can't wait to hear my personal take on it, I invite you to check out posts already up (by people more on the ball than I am) by looking for the #TxSCC hashtag on twitter and following @TxStyleCouncil (they're going to re-tweet wrap-up posts).  Additionally, Elissa at Dress with Courage was totally live-tweeting all the panels on Sunday, so check that out to find out what the panelists had to say.

In the mean time- this may be going on my to-buy list:
Dear Modcloth,

This was clearly made for me. 
Love, Heather

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