Double plaid and paper doll catch up outfits

I wanted to find a way to post the outfits that I had worn, without re-wearing or putting things on and running around my living room taking shots (mostly because bf like's to ask questions when I'm wearing shoes inside and thinks that I'm going to ruin the floor), so that I could get through this darn 30x30 round before the Texas Style Council Conference this weekend.  So I made a paper-doll Heather and some clothes to match.  Unfortunately, there's no navy colored pencil.

I'm a little sad that I didn't get pictures of these guys, esp since some of them I really loved (third in the top row, first and second in the bottom), but I'm sure I'll be wearing the combinations that I really loved again, and I'm pretty ready to be done with this round of 30x30.

But wait!  I also have a real outfit.  Because I couldn't resist wearing both of my plaid items at the same time.

And they are the best part of my outfit (since the rest of me is in the hot mess category, but don't worry, I was totally wearing my oxfords so I'm 30x30 compliant).  I snapped a quick shot after picking up some chai at the nearby Starbucks (working my way through a Christmas party raffle giftcard), and was surprised to find them handing out this sweet treat (Cake pop!).

Maybe a little too sweet.  I'm finding myself pretty antsy over here to get on with the frightening amount of packing (and closet cleaning) and camera battery charger finding (that I go through every time I take a trip and know I will want to take pictures), since I've mostly been ignoring the rest of my closet (and letting it get into a state of disrepair.  Are you packed and ready to get your fine self to Austin (if you are attending the conference)?  I'm traveling with Erica and hoping that being responsible to someone else means that I won't end up running too late in terms of getting outta the city.  I'm really looking forward to getting to meet everyone including some of my long-time blog crushes like Kendi, Kyla, Jen, and Indiana and people who are becoming new daily-reads (um, too many to list).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I should look in the bag I used for my last weekend trip for my charger.

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