Faux-lka Dots

Today one of the undergraduates in my lab told me that he thought I always looked very put together (which was nice, since sometimes I run around lab looking like a hot mess, but I'll take your compliments), and then he tacked on something along the lines of, and sometimes it makes my day (which was kinda weird).  Maybe it's a Southern thing?

So here's the thing- I was fully aware of EBEW polka-dot day, but apparently my closet wasn't.  I was about ready to cheat on my 30 for 30 when I realized that I had a loophole- I had never actually picked out 30 items (I gave up after about 28), so I ransacked my closet searching for dots, and found....very little.  I had plenty of repeating patterns, but few dots (and most of my dots weren't evenly spaced), and of the few things I found, there wasn't anything that I felt comfortable teaching in (I'm working with an after school program to work with middle schoolers on one of my favorite things: Science!)  For some reason though, my "sexy going out skirt" translates in my head as appropriate for teaching (I think it's because it's not as short as a lot of my things, and it's a more professional straight line as opposed to full-skirted).   And then I realized that from far away my repeating pattern BR shirt (already part of the 30 28) looked pretty dotty to begin with and got dressed with a sigh of relief.

Outfit: Skirt: Target, Shirt: BR, Shoes: Wanted via Delias, Tights: We Love Colors, Necklace: Ruche, Polka dots: Gift

But I still had to put on some polka dots in addition to my faux-lka dots to dot it up.

I won't lie to you, at least some of these pictures were included purely because I curled my hair and it actually looked I did something to it intentionally (which is very exciting for me).  Happy polka dot day!

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

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