And then I found five dollars

So one of the cats and I have this thing.  And by this thing, I mean that he likes to steal my hair bands so that he can play with them, and then they mysteriously show up a week later in the water bowl, or I have to fight him to get them back so that my hair can be restrained.  I worked hard to remember to not leave them out on the counters, and for a time my hair bands were safe.

By time, I mean about one day- he figured out how to open the drawers that I was keeping them in (except for the one in the kitchen... shh. Don't tell).  So I started to keep them in my zip up cosmetics case.  Aaand after it got filled up for my weekend away I couldn't totally zip it shut, so I shoved the hair band way in there and thought it would be fine for a night.  And then it was missing the next morning and I complained to the bf that Kitten had gotten into the case, which naturally led to the bf telling me that was crazy and wouldn't me leaving it out somewhere make more sense?  Fortunately, I was vindicated when the bf started cracking up and admitted that possibly Kitten had in fact gotten at the case, since he was on the bathroom counter and fishing around inside the case to see what he could find.  Bf also said that while I might have been right about Kitten, it didn't mean that I wasn't still crazy, just for different reasons*.  Which I'm totally fine with- I just like being right.

On the bright side, he hasn't moved on to accessories yet (best accessory of the day, my ID badge that I forgot to take off for photos), so at least these pretty babies are still safe.

Outfit: Dress: Modcloth, Cardigan, Leggings: Target, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Gilt, Flower: I made it! Necklace: Gift, Badge: Pure Awesome

That's right, I wore red to match the wall.  This flower was actually made as a present for my bestie, but I've been terrible about getting my act together enough to send it to her.  It has all the colors of this dress, so I just couldn't resist matching them up (and I asked for forgiveness).

You can't always see it, but I've worn this necklace frequently since the bf gave it to me at Christmas.  That's right, it's reversible.  How awesome is that? 

Above, successful twirling picture (joy!)  Below, near-flashing moment (Outtake!)

*If my bf edited these posts, he would tell me that I have to end this with, "and then I found $5" since I don't always tell the best stories.

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