Amidst the mist

In a startling change of events, I actually had a reason to get dressed this weekend out of my jammies.  Woo!  My department had its annual retreat in a nearby coastal city, so I took advantage of that fact to mysteriously sneak off before breakfast one day (and almost missed it, which would have been tragic).  I couldn't resist the combination of rocks, water, and creepy fog that covered the seawalk for most of the time that we were there.  I tried to channel my inner Rebecca, but I don't really have it down yet, and I certainly don't have that put together look she has even though she's frequently in the middle of a wild-looking backdrop (usually with some sort of fabulous heels).  It sure wasn't helped by leaving my hair down to spaz out with all the moisture in the air, although I did have an unexpectedly delightful experience over the weekend of having one of my guy friends look at me and say that he really liked my hair (on a different day).

Outfit: Shirt, Cardigan, Purse: Anthropologie, Skirt: Loft, Shoes: Wanted via Delias, Tights: We Love Colors in Mocha


Which is kinda awesome, since 1) he's a dude and 2) I had been feeling kinda insecure about how my hair was looking/feeling.  But by Sunday, my hair was a little out of control, and I found myself cropping it out of photos (and focusing in on my shoes and purse instead).

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