Wildflowers growing

Outfit: Dress, Earmuffs: Ruche; Shirt, Cardi: Anthropologie; Tights (2x): We love colors;= Boots: Madden Girl via Delias, Necklace: Tiffany's (gift)

Note, no wildflowers were harmed during the taking of these photos.  There was however, a sign up letting me know that wildflowers were growing (which is good, since I thought it was mostly grasses and stuff), so this might be a ridiculously pretty place come spring (Texas wildflowers are gorgeous).  A lot of the grasses had previously been tramped down, I'm thinking either by teenage hoodlums, drug dealers, or wildflower eating beasts.

I'm not always the best at highlighting the details that are important to me, but I wanted to get a closeup of this necklace.  It's very special to me, not because it's one of the few really nice things that I own (and actually use), or because I think of it as my "signature piece" (which is how the saleslady tried to market it to us and only made my mom and I giggle).  It's because it's a gift from my mom and it was for graduating college.  While I worked my butt off during college and I was proud of my accomplishments, I still approached it with the expectation that I would graduate and didn't really think of graduating as that big of a deal.  It was very important to my mom though to tell her kids how proud she was of them, and it's something that I'm very grateful to have had.  The unexpected gift of this necklace is a reminder of this every time I see it, and it's one of the many things that makes me feel close to my mom.  Her love and support of me growing up is a big part of the person who I am today, and I've found my way into the feeling of gladness for material reminders.

I am not planning on writing an FBFF post this week, since I am attempting to prioritize other things at this time (like not falling on ice, cuddling, and cleaning the kitchen), but I did want to make a mention so that you can check out the posts linked up to Modly Chic.  This week- blogger memes/ "events" and jumping on and off bandwagons (things like 30 for 30 remix, EBEW, Go red for women, FBFF, etc), which is pretty relevant considering how many people have started to participate in many of these things (including me).

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