Hope ya'll don't mind that this posting of lots of pictures has continued.  It's nice to have more fun with the photoshoots again, and having the tripod has basically changed my life. And hopefully I won't turn into Awkward McAwkwardson now that it's warmed up and people won't be actively avoiding the outside.  Someday I might stop talking about the weather, but probably not any time soon.  For example, today- cold enough that I can still wear my new scarf (which I've been wearing basically all weekend), but warm enough that I can be outside with only one pair of tights and my hands might not get scary close to frostbitten during picture time.  Not that I don't enjoy the sort of effects you can do with two layers of tights- this day my under layer was maroon, so my legs looked like they were slightly glowing from the small amount that showed through the outer layer (which is Awesome).

Outfit: Dress: Modcloth, Jacket: Banana Republic, Boots: Madden Girl via Delias, Scarf: Made by me!: Tights: Target layered over We Love Colors


I bet you thought I was a bad-ass and was walking over a train track that was on a bridge.  Don't worry, the train wasn't running- it's a little train that goes around the park.

On my walk to the train this morning, someone slowed down their vehicle dramatically to stare at me.  At least I'm pretty sure that the guy was looking over in my general direction, and that there was nothing terribly interesting going on.  Unless you like a good parking lot full of cars with some bushes surrounding it.  I'm still not sure whether this should be taken as compliment or criticism (or whether it wasn't me at all, because the world doesn't revolve around me).  All I know is that I wasn't pulling a Marilyn moment over there on the sidewalk.  Which is good considering all the dresses I've chosen for this 30x30 all seem to be on the short-ish side.  For school I'll layer something underneath, but it doesn't make me worry about the underskirt riding up and then someone asking me if I forgot to put pants on this morning.  Sigh. I've come to accept and appreciate my height, but I struggle with finding things that are as long as I would like them to be.  I've become more confident in terms of wearing things that I feel on the insecure side about, and figure out workarounds for things that don't always work as well as I'd like them to with my body (that I adore in every other way).  I still end up having days where I feel fine about it in the morning when I get dressed, but then I end up feeling nervous during the day about whether I'm showing too much leg or look like I forgot to dress the bottom half of me (slash being super pleased about getting to wear something that I think is super cute).  How do you balance your sartorial desires with your need for comfort?

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