My favorite variation is Penguin suit up

So, Linda stole the title I had planned out for Blazer day (darn my getting posts up late!), and her blazer looks kinda similar to mine too...Wanna be twins, Linda?  So I thought I'd make a nod to my favorite variation on Barney Stinson's well-known "Suit up!"  (although, the pajama suit up and slut up never fail to crack me up).

Unlike Barney, I'm more appreciative of suits on others instead of consistently looking devastatingly attractive in them myself (okay, so I kinda have a thing for NPH in How I met your mother).  In fact, as adorable as blazers look on others, I struggle to wear them myself.  Even when I find one that fits well (and I'll be honest- this one fit better a couple years back when I bought it), I still find myself feeling awkward wearing a blazer for any length of time due to the restrictive nature of the fabric and cuts.  Nonetheless, it was fun to style it up for the day, and maaaybe having it as part of my 30 items will help convert me to more blazer-ing up.  And what do I wear with a hard to style item?  Of course, another item that I've found difficult to style. This dress has come to be known in my head as the "naked dress".  As in, I'm looking through the closet and pull it out to show to the bf and say, "Sweetie, will this dress make me look naked?"  "Yes Heather, naked and lacy, are you sure that's what you want to wear in public?"  And yet, I find myself unable to resist the lures of this dress, although it may be relegated to only being worn with something dark on my legs or a skirt pulled up over the bottom part of the attached slip, so that people are kept aware of the fact that I am in fact wearing clothes.  Unfortunately, it turned out that my dress choice wasn't the only awkward part of my day (I actually wound up feeling really excited to wear this dress).

Outfit: BLAZER: Old Navy, Dress: Ruche, Skirt: Loft, Boots: Madden Girl via Delias, Leggings, Socks: Target

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Awkward adventure time:  These photos, made possible by an awesome bridge, was interrupted twice.  The first time by a small flock that decided to come up and introduce themselves, and the second by some random dude who also wanted to take pictures and decided to park his bike right next to mine and started asking me about what I was doing.  Friendliness?  Awkward!  Turns out that I feel more capable dealing with staring and people thinking I'm a total weirdo than people trying to engage me in conversation and expressing interest in the fact that I'm running back and forth and taking pictures of myself. 

Especially when I'm wearing a naked dress.

And I've already taken the blazer off.

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