Fake fall

Initially I was planning to wear this with my gray jacket, in an attempt to pull of the monochrome look Hello, Monkeyface did so well here.  But then I wanted to make sure I didn't flash anyone, so the skirt went on, and I couldn't find any straight gray tights (so I turned to patterned), and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't too warm at work (so I threw this cardigan in the bag at random).  And my shoes aren't all gray either.  Turns out I'm a fail at the whole monochrome business, but I love the way that the black of the cardigan and the skirt frame everything.  Good thing I still haven't gotten around to picking 30 full items- otherwise these two guys wouldn't have wormed there way into that envied section of my closet.

Outfit: Dress: Ruche; Cardigan: Target; Underskirt: Loft; Tights, Shoes: Anthropologie; Circle Scarf: Me!

This scarf got worn three days in a row (can you tell that I'm excited to finally have a circle scarf?  And to be knitting again?)  Other things that excite me:

1. Seeing dead leaves on the ground, getting inspired by the color of my scarf and trying to pretend like it's fall again by throwing leaves up in the air.

2. The new album by Adele ("21") that's been playing on NPR online through their first listen business.  I sing as part of an a capella group, and man, she is what I wish I sounded like when I sang.  I have the hardest time not dancing in my seat when playing it at my desk.

What are all ya'll getting excited about these days?

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