One pair of tights on a two-pair day

To be fair, it totally started out as a one pair of tights day, but then sharply dropped to a two-pair early evening with a side of windiness.  Fortunately, the bf came home early and brought all of our plants inside (Thanks!).  Plus I got to pair a leaf shirt with my tree necklace (totally matching).

Today's been a long day, so I'll cut myself off from rambling (I don't even want to want Glee! which is basically crazy talk), but I will say that I was smart enough to get on two pairs of tights and a sweater skirt so I was cozy all day, even though I biked in this freezing morning.  Our unusually psychotic winter will hopefully be back up to something a little balmier tomorrow, so that we can get an outside run in this weekend (seriously Houston, I did not sign up for this).

And I may even stop complaining about the weather.

Outfit: Skirt: Loft; Shirt: Anthropologie; Cardi, Socks: Target; Boots: Steve Madden Intyce; Tights: We Love Colors; Necklace: Modcloth

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