Providing entertainment for the smokers outside the hospital

Guess who's got two thumbs, 30 items of clothing to wear over the next 30-40 days and a tripod?  This guy!  I was planning to do lots of research (i.e. reading last weeks FBFF posts on blogger tools), but decided to be a little more impulsive.  Instead I went over to the local Target and actually managed to find a tripod that is fairly lightweight and compact, so it fits in my everyday bag.  I generally take public trans or bike in, so finding something that can be transported pretty easily was my only real requirement.  I'm not sure if it would hold up to a concentrated cat attack, but it stayed standing in spite of the windy day.  I'm classifying this as a good impulse buy.

Outfit: Dress: Modcloth, Sweater, Leggings, Socks: Target, Boots: Steve Madden Intyce,  Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Necklace, Armwarmers: Ruche

The cold and windy weather worked to my advantage in shooting outside in public, since they weren't too many people around, even though the area near where I work probably has relatively high traffic for Houston (since most people drive everywhere).  In spite of the trees and park-like appearance of this background, the other side is actually a hospital outside which there are frequently patients/staff hanging out (often smoking) or people waiting for the bus.  So there's a lot of pictures where I have a somewhat vague or uncomfortable look on my face.  Like this one.   

On the bright side, you can see my newly acquired pocketwatch necklace and hints at the detailing in this dress that were mostly obscured by scarf, cardigan, and wind.  I also purchased armwarmers with the idea that I'd be able to wear them with my cape-thing (worn in this post), even when working with a limited wardrobe that didn't necessarily have an appropriate solid colored long sleeved sweater (hey 30 for 30) or 3/4 length sweaters.  They're not quite as long as I'd hoped they would be (bad impulse buy) and are unfortunately non-returnable (this is why you should read return policies before purchasing things online).  They're adorbs and warm, and it's cold today (both inside and outside) so they'll get used, but I'm writing this here to remind myself that I want to think more carefully about purchases, including things that are usable or are minor expenses.

The fact that my shopping habits haven't changed as much as I would like is one of the reasons why I decided to do the 30 for 30 again- I'd like to feel more confident in my decision-making process and less impulsive.  I also realized (after opening the package) that I could probably refashion some boot socks into something that would serve the same purpose, which would allow me more control over the length and color (hello, simple diy).  While my current closet contains many items that I have gotten far more wear out of than I might have expected at the initial purchase, items that I have only begun to love after ignoring them for a couple years, and I take pride in being able to make clothes work for me even if they're not perfect in some way, I'm hoping to make my future purchases more intentional and to continue to streamline what is in my closet. I still have a closet that overwhelms my bf, but I made progress by selling off a bag of stuff and donated 4 bags worth during my recent move.  A fairly recent post by Sarah of Orchids in Buttonholes speaks on the topic of shopping in a way that I would like to embrace after this shopping ban is finished (check it out, there's even a sweet flowchart- as a nerd, I whole heartedly endorse flowcharts).

Looks like I'm not the only one who gets excited about pocketwatch necklaces.

P.S.  How excited are you about the 30 for 30 starting?  I'm so excited that I even managed to smile in one of the photos I took today!  Okay, okay, it wasn't really what I was thinking about, but that is a somewhat serious question- I had never really considered that there would be a negative opinion on the project (only positive or meh, whatevs), but found out recently that there are plenty of people who feel negatively about it.  What are your thoughts on it?  If you're doing it, I'm assuming that you think well of it, but feel free to contribute why you've decided to do it.  I'd love to hear what you honestly think about being a reader of one or more blogs that are doing this, or what you've thought about it and why you've decided not to do it.  I think as many good reasons exist for not doing it as participating in it, I was just surprised to see people against reading blogs participating in it.

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