Day 23 of 30, Plaid dracula

The cape-thing is now known at work as what Dracula might have worn if he was fond of yellow plaid- I don't stand the collar up, but it has the potential to be even more dramatic.  The weather has been cooperating to make it wool outerwear weather, but unfortunately all of my long sleeved 30x30 items are patterned or bulky, so I probably won't be able to make more use of it until I've added more shirts back to my closet, or I make arm warmers out of something.

Outfit: Skirt, Boots, Socks: Target, Sweater, Locket: Express, Cape-thing: Anthropologie, Belt: from another blouse, Tights: We Love Colors.

Oh hey, and this is my awkward face.  It matches my awkwardly bundled up underneath the sweater fabric to shorten this skirt.  I'm seriously considering permanently altering it to fit me at around this length, but then I wouldn't have the added versatility of wearing it as a dress.  There's this little park right in front of my apartment complex that I go past to get to the bus stop- it's where I took the photos from Day 21, and it seemed like a good place to try doing more with.  So I thought I would briefly try it out this morning, when there was only one person around to get a feel for where a decent tripod and backdrop might be found.  Unfortunately, this one person (two really- he was pushing a stroller) decided to come towards me and start trying to carry on a conversation.  In a language that I did not speak.  So what you see here is me trying to smile and murmur something non-committal but still friendly, while feeling super awkward.  Turns out, I'm totally okay with people staring at me and giving me funny looks or whizzing past in their cars while I'm taking pictures, but I have difficulties with people trying to talk to me while the timer goes off.

I really wanted to wear my long black skirt as a long length black skirt at least once during the challenge, just to stretch myself out of my comfort zone.  But then I am reminded of this picture from college, which encapsulated the phase where I thought it would be a good idea to wear longer skirts and legwarmers (the long thin style leftover from ballet) in the winter to keep warm.  Me and my green jacket were besties, even back then.  Fortunately, my decision in what to pair with it has improved since then, as has the availability of cheap cotton leggings.  I'll leave you with evidence of awkward clothing choices of yesteryear for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Dracula, eh? I see it more as a very fabulous interpretation of a Sherlock Holmes getup. :)

  2. It was named sight unseen, just going off of the term cape- I think I prefer the fabulous Sherlock Holmes description of it. Now I'm gonna have to wear it with some pants and my newsie hat!