Day 24 of 30, Plaid 2: Return of the plaid

I had wanted to post this earlier, but last night was taken up by finalizing the contract of my new apartment, watching the bf slide around on our snazzy wooden floors in his socks with glee, singing practice, and making a cake.  And not having my computer with me.  In addition to being capable of caking making, our new place is pretty exciting for a lot of reasons.  I can sum it up mostly by saying that for someone who makes about $2/ hr as a grad student it's obscenely nice, but since it's now two people pooling together $4/hr, we won't be overspending on it (one of the PIs here actually commented to the bf that it was inappropriate for grad students to be living in this kind of place).  Also exciting?  the closet is all mine, and it was the bf's idea.  Anyways, I anticipate being all sorts of busy this weekend with packing, unpacking, and cleaning, but I'm hoping to continue posting so that I can finish up the 30x30 challenge on here soon, since in real life, it's actually my last day today! How about ya'll?  Big plans for the weekend?  I've had a few friends finish up with school stuff for the year, but I know a few that are still dealing with finals and school commitments.

And just it time I'm sure, since maybe I just wore this shirt two days before.  Blame it on the 30 for 30?  I'm going to miss being able to use that as an excuse.  Do ya'll have any suggestions for other excuses to use for repeating items close together?  Truthfully, it just so happened that I saw these two items hanging in my closet like they were meant to go together right as I was falling asleep the other night (I guess they were sticking out more than the other stuff in my closet).  Fortunately, I liked the way it turned out outside my head, pairing one of my girliest items with a rougher element (or at least it should be since it's actually a guy's shirt).

Outfit: Dress as skirt, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Shirt underneath: Anthropologie, Boots: Steven Madden Intyce, Scarf: vendor in Montreal, Belt: Ancient, Leggings: Target

And then on the way home I was really excited about having my bike ride-able again after having a more knowledgeable friend look at it to figure out a couple things I had screwed up putting the rear wheel on myself.  Unfortunately, I'm still being troubled by some gear slippage- anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help this out?  I'm a little afraid that I'm going to need to replace my chains and gears and possibly some of my brake cables to sort out the rest of the little troubling things going on with my bike.  Which is not welcome news after putting around a hundred dollars down on new tires/tubes.


  1. Aw! Thanks for your comment. That's so cute! My roommate said that too! The first time she saw me the first thing she noticed was that I was dressed in "flowers"! Hehe. I thought it was cute! AND YAY! A pattern mixer:):):):) I love how you used patterns here:)

  2. Love the shirt on you! At first I thought it was a badass lumberjack jacket, and I was uber jealous. Now that I know it's a shirt, the jealousy of how fantastic it is on you has gone down to a manageable level.

  3. Such cute mixing of prints! You wear plaid so well :)

  4. Ha! The 30 for 30 has been a GREAT excuse for me. I am always rewearing clothes. I think I really am just doing a 30 for life.
    Congrats on the apartment...making a cake ALWAYS takes preference to posting on your site. Actually, it takes preference to everything!

    The Auspicious Life