Day 25 of 30, Bundled up

Who's got two thumbs and is almost moved out of her old apartment?  This guy?  Oh man, you'd think that a full weekend with pre-prep would be enough to move me entirely, especially since I'm lucky enough to have a brother with a friend with a truck, and all of them (and more) helped me move.  Unfortunately/fortunately, being adopted by two cats full-time now means that we couldn't really focus on just the moving out part, and also had to unpack and put things away that might be gotten into, so we're not quite out of the two old apartments, but our new place is actually starting to shape up and look like a place where people live instead of a collection of furniture and boxes.  Right now I'm hoping that in the move, I didn't lose track of the sheet of paper that I had written the outfits from Thanksgiving (so long ago now!) down on so I can accurately recreate them, but I may end up having to wing it.  Or I could post outfits that I probably wouldn't wear in public, but could totally be made from the 30 items?  I'm excited to be finished with the 30x30, but a little nervous about having the entirety of my closet to distract me, and I kind of think I make better outfits with the limited closet.  How's it going for you newly re-emerged remixers?  What do I have to look forward to?

Outfit: Dress as skirt: Modcloth, Shirt: Express, Jackets: Urban Outfitter, Old Navy Outlet,  Boots: Steven Madden, Tights: Anthropologie, Scarf: Old Navy

Okay, okay- In real life, I'm looking forward to getting to wear these in black- they were purchased prior to the challenge with merch credit I wanted to use up but then didn't come until near the end since they had been backordered.  New boots!


  1. I don't think I'm the one to ask about how it feels to have your closet back - with the exception of one sweater, a week later I've still only worn 30 for 30 clothes!
    Good luck with all the unpacking. It will so good once you are all settled in.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Love the color combos in this outfit. So subtle but rich. And that skirt is awesome!

    Also, your twitter profile statement is hilarious. I feel like it's an apt description of me, as well. :)

  3. Thanks! I've really learned to appreciate how I want to wear all my neutrals at once during this challenge. Also, I think that may be appropriate for most grad student bloggers- for me it just seems like this sort of secret, double life, since we are kinda encouraged to spend all our time in lab or thinking about science. I'm guessing it's similar in other fields, only the emphasis is also on classes and teaching in addition to research and publication.

  4. Your skirt is amazing! It's so pretty! You are the queen and expert of layering! I'm so jealous!

  5. I really really like that skirt, and you know how I feel about those boots! I'm excited to see these new boots of yours as well! Also, expect to see pictures of my new boots with skinny jeans in the near future...and sometime after that maybe even with a sweater dress!