Day 26 of 30, Lost and found

 During the throes of moving in together, one of the cats spilled beer over the bf's keyboard.  So (now that we are temporarily sharing a computer), this morning as we were getting ready for school, the bf asked, "You have a twitter now?"*  Well, readers- yes.  I decided to get a twitter account, so hey, we can be friends are there now, I'll even put something up on here tomorrow (tonight I'm distracted by holiday parties).

On a more 30x30 related note, I discovered these photos of the last photographed 30 for 30 outfit (I'm afraid the others will be recreated this weekend) with glee on my work computer.  I knew that I had worn a 29th outfit, I just couldn't find a record of it until today.  So after my long pause from moving and lack of foresight in taking pictures, I give you this.  A dress with a collared shirt underneath (inspired by JoAnn), and the last minute love of a librarian cardigan.

Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Shirt: Bitten, Boots, Leggings: Target

*This was followed by "I don't even know you!"  I admit it, I've stayed away from twitter purposefully for quite some time, but it seemed like a not terrible idea at the time, so I figured I'd give it a try.  Yes, bf, I'm surprised at myself too.


  1. Welcome to Twitter! Twitter is super addictive and dare I say it, has completely replaced my Facebook obsession of yesteryear.

    I love the accordian skirt on your dress! The whole look is totally cute!

  2. That's a bold statement, since FB is my bored at work fallback, but I suppose it may turn into twitter now...

  3. you're almost done!!! this look is super cute!
    and PS: i haven't fallen for twitter yet but I'm still green so we'll see. good luck tweeting to us both;)

  4. I love the color of that dress!

    I'm on Twitter and have been for a while, but still manage to screw up my tweets.

  5. I like the collar under the dress. I've never tried that, but I will!

    The Auspicious Life

  6. I LOVE this outfit! Everything-the color of the dress, the cardigan, the collared shirt-is so you! You know I adore the librarian look on you!